Inherited from generation
to generation

Our olives are organically grown. No chemical fertilizers, pesticides or additives are used at any stage of production. AUXO olive oil is unfiltered, which gives it its intense flavour without removing any of nature’s goodness.  


In the mountains, our olives grow alongside wild salvia, rosemary, St. John’s wort, oregano and other herbs, which adds to AUXO olive oil’s complexity.

The taste and quality of olives grown on Lesvos varies in just a few kilometres. For instance, trees grown by sea experience far higher temperatures and do not deliver the same quality as mountain-grown AUXO trees, which enjoy perfect climatic conditions for fine olive oil production. Inherited from generation to generation, we greatly respect our ancient olive groves. The trees are many hundreds of years old and represent countless generations’ hard work.

No trucks, no noise, no pollution. The olive groves are situated on the southern part of the island in the mountains around Plomari, Palaiochori and Megalochori and can only be reached by donkey or on foot.

The characteristic green-golden colour and fresh grassy aroma comes from the chlorophyll contained in the freshly harvested olives.