Organic extra virgin olive oil

The name AUXO comes from the Greek goddess of growth.

All AUXO products come from the same small, caring family-owned production enterprise that
utilises organic and sustainable farming. The family has made a pact with the many centuries-old trees that
they will both do their utmost to produce the very best quality olive oil.


To produce the highest quality olive oil possible, our olives are harvested by hand in November. At this time of year, the olives are still unripe and green, and rich in antioxidants. It takes approximately 6 kg of olives to make one litre of AUXO olive oil. The entire process, from harvest to pressing, is completed in 1-12 hours. By harvesting and pressing within that time we ensure the olives are fresh and do not oxidise.


AUXO olives come from Kolovi olive trees. This tree type grows only on the Greek island of Lesvos. Over time the trees have adapted to the island’s climate and soil. They grow in spacious mountain groves so that the wind and sun reach every tree.


Fresh grass, slight bitterness and a peppery aftertaste in the throat - these are the unique characteristic of AUXO olive oil, which will leave your mouth fresh, without feeling greasy. The peppery taste is due to the fresh polyphenols, which are a sign of a good quality olive oil.